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Year: 2022

Terrifying Impacts of the Global Microchip Shortage

What will they be? And how will they affect Chester residents?

What will the impact on microchip supply shortages be? Let’s look at how automakers, smartphone makers, and video game console manufacturers will be affected. Will there be a shortage of the most important microchips in our electronics? How do we in Chester overcome the shortage? What will happen to the existing products? What will happen to the demand for them? It is not clear. But one thing is clear: the shortage is not over yet.

Impact of microchip shortages on auto industry

While the shortage of microchips may be affecting the auto industry today, the effects of this issue could be far worse in the future. Automakers could sell less than 1,000,000 vehicles this year if the shortage does not end soon. Companies may have to settle for lower-end vehicles with less advanced Read the rest