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How many stolen vehicles are there on Chester’s streets?

The amount of vehicles with inaccurate mileage records has increased by as over the last year. But how many vehicles are there, that are stolen, riding around Chester? Well thanks to an FOI request, we can tell you.

1 in 11 vehicles includes a mileage discrepancy based on the newest information out of cap hpi.

The figures include the Organization’s HPI Check statistics that revealed that One in 14 vehicles has been listed as with a mileage discrepancy at 2018. And the Chester Standard reported a similar story recently.

The true amount of vehicles identified as having an established mileage discrepancy for the entire of 2019 has been 836,214.

Within the previous five decades, the amount of vehicles with mileage Amounts has risen by 45 percent.

The ratio has increased steadily Through the Years, listed as one in 14 in
Another hidden problem with the automobile like any outstanding fund, previously written off or listed stolen.

What is being done about it?

“Assessing an automobile for mileage Amounts comes as standard from the HPI Check. By establishing a record of a car’s mileage, assessing the last 3 times it had been listed about the NMR, and cross-referencing using MOT documents, it may emphasize any gaps and arm automobile buyers with all the advice and confidence they need when dealing with cars.
Conducting a mileage test out of HPI, we’ll determine any mileage Amounts through our own National Mileage Register along with the car’s MOT history.

Automotive specialists HPI vehicle checks have shown mileage amounts may vary.

The Ratio of clocked automobiles has increased steadily throughout the past half a decade using only one in 20 vehicles believed to be changed in 2014.

Motorists Can assess whether their car was clocked by cross-referencing National Mileage Register info with MOT records.


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