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How To Get Superfast Broadband in Chester – With No Installation Fees

If you’re looking for the best broadband in Cheshire, UK, then you’ve come to the right place. There’s a good variety of choices available to you, and you’ll want to make sure you choose one that’s right for you.

Virgin Media

If you want to enjoy the fastest broadband in Cheshire, you can get Virgin Media broadband. It’s one of the only broadband providers in the UK that offers a next generation gigabit service. This means you can download Ultra HD TV shows and videos and enjoy faster downloads.

Depending on your budget, you can choose from a range of broadband packages from Virgin including Gigabit or faster. They also include unlimited and pay as you go options. These offer you unlimited access to the internet and no data cap. However, these types of services are more expensive than fibre broadband.

In October 2010, … Read the rest

Terrifying Impacts of the Global Microchip Shortage

What will they be? And how will they affect Chester residents?

What will the impact on microchip supply shortages be? Let’s look at how automakers, smartphone makers, and video game console manufacturers will be affected. Will there be a shortage of the most important microchips in our electronics? How do we in Chester overcome the shortage? What will happen to the existing products? What will happen to the demand for them? It is not clear. But one thing is clear: the shortage is not over yet.

Impact of microchip shortages on auto industry

While the shortage of microchips may be affecting the auto industry today, the effects of this issue could be far worse in the future. Automakers could sell less than 1,000,000 vehicles this year if the shortage does not end soon. Companies may have to settle for lower-end vehicles with less advanced Read the rest

How many stolen vehicles are there on Chester’s streets?

The amount of vehicles with inaccurate mileage records has increased by as over the last year. But how many vehicles are there, that are stolen, riding around Chester? Well thanks to an FOI request, we can tell you.

1 in 11 vehicles includes a mileage discrepancy based on the newest information out of cap hpi.

The figures include the Organization’s HPI Check statistics that revealed that One in 14 vehicles has been listed as with a mileage discrepancy at 2018. And the Chester Standard reported a similar story recently.

The true amount of vehicles identified as having an established mileage discrepancy for the entire of 2019 has been 836,214.

Within the previous five decades, the amount of vehicles with mileage Amounts has risen by 45 percent.

The ratio has increased steadily Through the Years, listed as one in 14 in
Another hidden problem with … Read the rest

How many vehicles in Chester are untaxed?

You are probably aware that in some parts of Cheshire, 1 in 4 drivers do not have valid vehicle tax. And that number is getting worse with every year – indeed, data published by the Department for Transport (DfT) shows an estimated 634,000 vehicles are being used, despite their vehicle excise duty (VED) not being paid. This represents 1.6% of all vehicles in UK traffic, down from 1.8% in 2017.

While the government does not publish individual area statistics, there are grave consequences if you are buying a car as well – with the new rules, DVLA do not allow you to transfer your tax disc so you will either have to buy a new one with your new car, or risk a fine. Sites do exist that allow you to check the status of VED (and more) – for example FreeCarCheck (sample) or … Read the rest

Round up of the best June deals

If you struggled with what to get Dad this Father’s Day, or want to know where to snag a top deal on tech for the summer, we have you covered. We’ve gone through major UK retailers and brands and highlighted the best deals around.

If you need inspiration, Tech Advisor also have a dedicated round up with tonnes of gift ideas.  For gaming deals for dad, we recommend checking out Sony’s Days of Play Sale that’s on now until 27 June.

Until 28 June, eBay also has 10% off everything on its site with code PRICEWIN – including up to £880 off the Microsoft Surface Laptop. Here’s everything you need to know.

Argos Father’s Day tech deals

Argos is participating in Father’s Day sales. There are a few standout deals that we’re seeing:

  • £50 cashback on Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch (46mm) – £249 with discount – claim cashback here.
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Crackdown on mobile phone usage gathers pace – police

THE author wonders why so many people have to use mobile phones when driving. Apart from the fact that they’re dangerous, iPhones in particular are often expensive. THE Cheshire police and crime commissioner has been out with officers to warn people of the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving.

Mr David Keane joined officers from the streets and wrongdoing unit on Wednesday (24 April) watchful for drivers accepting a call, messaging or looking through online networking.

Keane stated: “Utilising a mobile phone while driving is one of the principle contributory factors in a lethal crash and drivers utilizing their telephone in the driver’s seat are multiple times bound to be associated with an impact.

“In any case, despite everything we keep on observing drivers crosswise over Cheshire settle on rash choices when they are very much aware of the threats and

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Protect children from Online Porn Shame – Chester Bishop

The Bishop of Chester raised concerns in the House of Lords about how easy it is for children to access online pornography.

Rt Rev Dr Peter Forster was generally supportive of a motion to approve the Online Pornography (Commercial Basis) Regulations 2018 which got passed.

But he remained concerned age-verification procedures would not apply to all sites featuring pornography.

Bishop Peter, who joked that he had ended up as the church’s ‘expert on pornography’, said the harmful effects of porn had been discussed in a previous debate.

He stated: “While there was some difference over the effect of sex entertainment on grown-ups, there was virtual unanimity that youngsters should have been shielded from erotic entertainment — to the extent this could sensibly be accomplished.”

Minister Peter proceeded with: “My primary concern identifies with access to erotic entertainment on sites that don’t charge for access. … Read the rest

North West Ambulance Service paramedics suspend strikes

Paramedics in north-west England have suspended a schedule of weekly strikes to allow talks to commence in a row over pay.

GMB union members will not strike this weekend to allow discussions between the union and North West Ambulance Service management.

Two meetings have taken place involving the conciliation service ACAS.

GMB paramedics have carried 26 hour walkouts each weekend for seven weeks, with more due until the end of October.

Union organiser Mike Buoey said: “While it is early days, we are hopeful these exploratory talks may prove fruitful and help us address the concerns of our members.”

Ambulance staff covering Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester have been involved in the dispute since July.

GMB said the industrial action had been “a last resort” after staff had “waited patiently” for the outcome of a job re-evaluation exercise, for more than 12 … Read the rest

Stop The Gypsy Crimewave

Yesterday (30th August)  CWaC officers issued a decision notice refusing a “site” application, saying the gypo pitches would be ‘harmful’ to the green belt and the ‘very special circumstances’ did not outweigh the potential harm to the land.

If successful the application would have seen seven holiday pitches changed into homes for Gypsies and Travellers, with each pitch containing a mobile home, a utility room and a touring caravan.

It is a well known loophole that allows gypsies to live on land “legally” , by hiding behind human rights laws that should not apply to them as they are not a minority. Most people would regard them as “scum” but unfortunately the law does not take that into account and views them as persecuted victims.  Concerned business owners at the Business Park sent dozens of letters of objection to the authority fearing there would … Read the rest

Fake News Has Been Around Forever (even in Chester)

Young people, in particular 16 to 24-year-olds, on average during a 16-hour day, look at their phones every 6.4 minutes and during this time they will be unwittingly targeted by a great deal of ‘fake news.’ Fake News is extremely dangerous – it is essentially “unregulated” or “unofficial” news that doesn’t tow the line on diversity. It is extremely worrying that youngsters are not being indoctrinated by the BBC News output, so the government is stepping in. This guest article is written by ex Chester MP, Iain Bursford.

For as far back as 10 months I have been on the serious Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee investigation into disinformation and ‘phony news’ taking a gander at how this is dispersed through web based life and the influence it is having on society.

The term ‘counterfeit news’ ought not be messed with, what … Read the rest