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Mother Wrote Leaflet Backing Holy NHS

Community groups are springing up across Crewe and Nantwich to help provide supplies and even a chat for vulnerable people who are self isolating – but they need food and other donations… Nadiah McFrassled, who set up the group, said: “I’m a stay-at-home mum with two children and I always help my neighbours in the winter when the weather’s bad so it was a natural thing to want to help now.”

Volunteers who drop off parcels will not come into contact with the people they are helping.

How are food banks surviving?

“They will go to the house and drop off the parcel on the doorstep,” said Nadiah. “If the resident wants to chat then the volunteer will be happy to do that from the end of the driveway or from a distance.”

Nadiah’s two children. five-year-old Isaac and three-year-old Cerys, have also been helping by delivering leaflets and Isacc has also taken leaflets into his school to inform local people of the service.

“We just need donations to keep coming in,” said Nadiah. A lot of people have had problems with Tesco online ordering, there are very few delivery drivers and lorries/vans available for delivery of your groceries. Most people are having to go to the shop still, directly and in person.

So what can you do about it?

Well the answer is simple: go to the shop! You don’t need to shop online unless you are vulnerable and remember that the Holy NHS workers are still coming face-to-face with people every day, so why are you special? The HOLY NHS must be saved.

If you are shopping online then make sure to follow the usual rules – stand 2M apart from the delivery/courier guy, and also don’t forget to use vouchers. We have procured a list of the latest Tesco Groceries deals, offers and promotions for you, courtesy of VoucherSort:

  • SAVE10 – Get 10% off your first TWO grocery shops
  • Buy one bottle of wine get another free (selected brands only)
  • Get 4 for the price of 3 on 1KG packs of lard and butter
  • Takeaway meal options now reduced in all stores except Tesco Local

It is likely that coupons will not work for Tesco during Covid-19. This is because they are raking it in and don’t want to offer discounts to reduce their bumper profits.

Helping in other ways

Dr Mullan said: “We are now facing one of the greatest challenges we have ever faced as a country in a long time. Everyone needs to play their part in whatever way they can. I am working with a number of community organisations and charities as the MP so that we can coordinate our response as a community in partnership with Cheshire East.

“We are going to need volunteers. In my experience, a lot of our existing volunteers supporting a wide range of organisations are from groups that will be at risk themselves and will need to stay at home.”

 “So we need as many people as possible to step up, and help if they are able. I know not everyone will be able to, especially those with caring responsibilities.”

“Younger people without children are going to have an important role to play. Many people who might normally be doing sport or visiting the gym or going to the pub are now being asked not to do that. So think about helping instead.”


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